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[RC] Too bad - Cherie

Unfortunately, it has taken my going to this list to shake things up a bit with 
the lady who sold me a sick horse.
His bloodwork came back yesterday and he is anemic, so am putting him on Red 
Cell to help with that.  Also, started him on gastro-gard for his ulcer.  

His previous owner is now threatening not to help me because I have been 
trashing her on this chat room.  Trashing is when someone lies about someone,  
I have not lied about anything!  Unfortunately, she wasn't going to help me 
anyway...I take that back--  she would let me pay for the expense of shipping 
him back to Colorado, and pay for shipping a yearling or two year old  
untrained gelding/stallion back to replace the horse I have now for endurance 
riding!  Not a great deal if you ask me!  That was her only offer....now she 
has an excuse to not help me...because I went on the chat room for advice and 
stirred the pot so to speak.  Oh well...this horse has a super home with 
me...all I want for this woman to do is refund at least half of the money I 
paid for this sick horse.  That would help me pay for vet bills, etc.  And...I 
just don't think she is going to do that for me, not then, and not now.

So...I will post only updates on my horse to those who might be curious about 
vet treatment and the results.




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