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Re: [RC] horses living up to names - Lynne Glazer

My participation in what some would call "fluff", but I am part of the touchy/feely crowd while appreciating the science. My horses are part of the family. Used to name my cats after something about their behavior. This led to "Speed Bump", "Velcro". Somewhere along the line I got clued in to letting them pick their own names. (But Velcro likes hers, at 16, Speed Bump became "Vicki" at 10.)

When Ember (of the many nicknames) got pregnant, I began talking to the gestated kid using the name "Twerp", mostly for the performance late in pregnancy making mom uncomfortable. Imagine my horror when the newborn responded immediately to "Twerp". By the end of her first day I knew I had a problem. Did not want her to live up to that expectation, but liked the "Tw" of Twerp. So that is how Twerp became Twix (formal name Twilight Ablaze, more tw, but for the huge brush fire on day 3 and 4 of her life.) (But she's still a twerp- sshhhhh!)

Names screeched at rides, imagine how many different intonations one can use for the name "Q"? Yeah, Julie, after ST:TNG's Q. Multi- syllabic Q-ooooh-oooh--OOOOO! Then there's the gutteral version, low and dangerous. It's hard to hate him when he has zero desire to unload me, only about getting down the trail (faster than his meanie governor will let him.)

Ember's vocal reminder is usually "Hey! Remember ME?!" Or a growled Em-BER! She's pregnant again, on the diet plate (except for normal # of carrots and bermuda) and hates her brother Q for being a skinny thing who gets alfalfa along with freefed Bermuda, nice portions of grain, beet pulp, etc.. Today she took a big hunk out of him and went to snuffle his leftovers, when verbally chided about her girly figure, put herself back in her pen. If you want a laugh, e-mail me for the funniest broodmare shot from the front EVER from a couple of days ago.

Rem-member Me/Ember, Celesteele/Q and of course war-mare-in-training Twix

On Oct 21, 2005, at 10:51 AM, Karen Casemier wrote:

I've recently been making a concerted effort to only refer to my mare in positive terms. I used to, for example, call out "Hi there fatty" every morning when I went to let the horses out to pasture (believe me, she puts the "air" in air fern, and the "easy" in easy keeper).

A friend of mine, not a horseperson but truly one of the nicest people I know (I don't understand these nice people at all) asked me how I would feel if she said "Hi fatty" to me every morning.

Never thought of it that way - no wonder she was always such a bitch ;>)

Anyway, now it's "Hello beautiful" or "Hello gorgeous". Occasionally during a ride, the normal round of explative-laden nicknames pours out, but old habits die hard...


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[RC] horses living up to names, Karen Casemier