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[RC] Stallions / social, stalls, etc. - Ridecamp Guest

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I have 3 stallions now, gulp... All are breeding age and most
have been bred. My guys excpet two that HATE each other are
kept in pipe paddocks and have a horse on both sides of them
which is a gelding. The stallions are very social and they like
all other horses need to feel part of a herd. All my studs go
out to a smaller pasture with a gelding to play and romp. At
night they come in and go back in their paddock. In the 20 plus
years of riding, breeding and competing with stallions, I've
never had a problem, except the two I have now. Both are
breeding, mature and see each other as competition. If they
were to get in with one another it would be a fight to death. 
BUT, you can take both of these stallions and ride side by side
with one another, without as much a look at one another. They
are trained, period to behave and act civil when they have a
job to do. I've hauled them side by side in a trailer,no issue,
however get them nose to nose and one of them is going to end 
up dead. That is just nature, the stronger stallion is going to
fight and win. It is imperative that any stallion breeding or
not be in the most "natural" and safe environment we can allow.

Safety to you and to your horses should be number one. Each
stallion is so different, you have got to read each one and
figure out what works best for them. For me, keeping the
breeding stallions away from each other, yet having them have a
buddy works great for me and my guys. Stallions aren't for
everybody thats for sure. Its a lot of work, its a liabilty and
it isn't easy to deal with stallion emotions. I love it and
wouldn't have it any other way. I think the key thing for any 
horse if its a stallion or not is to find out what works best
for the horse. Some stallions want their blankies put on
everynight, they want those shavings and they want to be tucked 
in at night. Others, just want to be left alone and not be
fussed with. Its your responsiblity to find out what works best
for your horse and to keep them safe and healthy, both mentally
and physically. There is nothing worse then a depressed, moody 

Gali... I am the KING, I know I am the King (Mustang Stud)
Provato... I thought I was the King, till Gali made me thing
otherwise (Arab stud)
Cowboy... I am the future king, I just know I am (Provato's
pinto son)


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