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Re: [RC] stallions - abigail Madden

We had an old rancher here on the outskirts of the city who used to run a herd of horses on several hundred acres.  They were essentially wild.  When the weather got really bad in winter, he would throw out hay for them and once a year he would sell several.  Rounding them up was quite the rodeo.  It was fascinating to watch the herd dynamics.  There were two "main" stallions and each had his own band of mares.  They would try and steal each other's mares and have huge fights.  But when they weren't fighting and stealing, they were right there with the group grazing, playing and socializing.  When the babies started coming one of them would get really protective.  I've got some great photos of him stalking all around a mare and her new soaking wet baby.  His look to me in the photos says it all, "One step closer lady.........."   He was gorgeous.  Buckskin that was almost iridescent in the sun.  Unfortunately for those of us that loved to watch the horses, the rancher got too old to manage them.  They sold all of them off except for about 8.  If you ever get the opportunity to watch the herd dynamic in wild (or semi-wild) horses I'd highly recommend it.  There's a lot to be learned.  (sigh.....and it was a really neat way to spend the morning with a cup of coffee)
Chico, CA

Cherie <cl705@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I know that stallions group together in the wild...however, stallions who have the herds are not generally wanted around until the mares are in season. LOL



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[RC] stallions, Cherie