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Re: [RC] re: a new horse - Carolyn Burgess

I don't mean to sound harsh, but did you have a vet check done on this animal?  The vet would have picked up the interference and any weight issue prior to purchase.  All of my vets have asked the seller if the horse has any vices, and I've had vet checks done by other than my regular vet and the question was still asked. It is easier to rule out a horse, than to have to return or fight to get your money back.
Carolyn Burgess

Cherie <cl705@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recently purchased a stallion (now a gelding) from a well known breeder and competitive trail rider from Colorado. Pictures on line showed a beautiful/healthy chestnut stallion in a show pose and one of an endurance ride. The horse is sweepstakes nominated and I was told that I could enter him in competitive trail riding. I bought the horse because he was gentle, calm and fit for competitive trail and endurance racing. However, when arriving in Illinois to pick him up, I was shocked at his condition...he was at least 100 pounds underweight with a few cuts on his legs, and cuts near his hip bones. He also (by looking at his tail) looked like he had pin worms. I mentioned this to the owner and she said he was nervous on the way to Illinois from Colorado and had lost weight on the trip and lost weight from breeding mares. Novice me, I took her at her word and loaded the horse into my trailer. Got him home and he immediately started cribbing! I was not informed of this before buying him and was hoping that after gelding him and putting him out in pasture and giving him a real job (endurance) this would help him. When he was well enough to ride, I found out the first day on the trail that he also interferes with all four feet! I was told that I could compete in competitive trail with him and since he was sweepstakes nominated I could try to win some money. Well...we all know you can't compete and do well with a horse that has to wear protective boots! Lo and behold...his cribbing did not go away. Now I've found out that he has a severe ulcer! I found this out because every time I rode him he would become ill and show signs of colicking, but was not really colicking! So! After this well known (famous woman) took me for a ride for $5,000.00 (dumb novice me), she refuses to take him back and give me a quality horse to use in endurance riding. The reason why I trusted her?
She has sold lots of horses and has been nominated into a hall of fame, many reasons why someone like me would believe everything she said to me. I took it all...hook, line and sinker! Here at Keeneland if a horse is sold as a cribber unbeknown to the buyer, the horse can be sent back and money refunded! They actually require signs to be posted on the stalls of horses that are for sale that suffer from cribbing! Selling a cribber in this part of the woods without the buyer being told is a crime, and looked down upon! If I had known that Irish was a cribber I would not have taken him! The seller said "I didn't know that it would be such a big deal for you". Yes, that was her response! She has yet to respond to me about all the lies...wonder why? She now says she will take Irish back, but has only offered to give me a two year old with no training! Great...more money and time down the drain! I have proof and pictures of everything! This is not libel on my part! I have friends here, Bill Wilson, Amy Whelan, Lela Roby, Connie Caudill, etc. who will back me. Don't let this ever happen to any of you. I was too hopeful and too gullible and fell for the trap. Because I was a novice, she was able to screw me over. Other more experienced horse buyers I'm sure have bought good horses from her, only because they knew what they were doing. I don't know. So...I don't know what my rights are...and I don't know how to proceed. The only thing she has not lied to me about is his calm temperament. He is an angel.

Cherie Budka

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[RC] re: a new horse, Cherie