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Re: [RC] New Ride Manager Questions - Chris Paus

LOL, I guess you are right. When I WAS thin, I did like to show off that I had a waistline, LOL.

Lynne Glazer <anyone@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sorry, can't agree on that. It does make it tougher to purchase--
putting T shirt size on the entry form for rides with pre-entries
helped me get a feel for the breakdown.

Juniors in particular dislike tent-like Tshirts. I hate T shirts
whose sleeve end hits my elbow's crook, permanent tickle, ick.
Larges do that.

One year we gave a large western cantle bag (donated by Stateline
Tack) for our 50 turtle award, cause they were out there a long time
and should pack a lunch! We liked to give fun awards, like hard
luck (sometimes for adventures getting to rides.)

On Oct 18, 2005, at 7:58 PM, Chris Paus wrote:

> how cool and exiciting. A new ride! Dang, I wish Nevada wasnt' so
> far away from Kansas!
> I like lots of markings. don't forget you can use "pie plates" or
> other markers to mark turns. My biggest bugaboo about trail marking
> is where two or more trails intersect and you have no idea which
> way is the right way to go. Pie plates or somethign with arrows
> really helps in those cases.
> On our local trails, the "off" trails or places we are not to go
> are marked with yellow ribbon. It simply means "don't go there."
> Might be a hazard or just part of the trail we're not using.
> Maps are nice, but if a trail is well marked, I rarely consult the
> map. As for t-shirts, I've seen RMs just have large and xlarge.
> Even the featherweights and lightweights generally like a loose t-
> shirt.

"Slowee, slowee catchee monkey," Rudyard Kipling, from The Jungle Book
Chris Paus
Lake Region SWA  http://lakeregionswa.fws1.com

Re: [RC] New Ride Manager Questions, Lynne Glazer