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Re: [SPAM] Re: [RC] [RC] newbie question re time limits in endurancev. ctr - Truman Prevatt

heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

wait, explain that pulsing down difference again. when i come into ctr vet check, i have to present my mare for P&R within 10 minutes. but is there a time limit as to when how long i have before i present her to the vet? (at our first ride we were in a looong line for a looong time and getting cut off by the not-so-polite, so i didn't actually get to decide when she would be checked, i was just glad when it finally happened;)). so what happens in endurance? i go into the vet check and how long do i have to present her for the pulse down? and then how long can i linger around before i present her to the vet? and then is there a deadline by when i have to leave the vet check area? i'm sorry these questions are so basic. marta

Regarding the difference at vet checks, in CTR you are judged by how far the horse actually does recover in 10 minutes, so unless your horse is already at or below the cut-off point for losing points (usually in the range of 40-48), it does not behoove you to present until right at your 10 minutes.

Not all CTR organization use the pulse at the stop for points. Some use it as a indicator that the horse is okay to go on - nothing more nothing less. That is the same as the AERC. I've worked rides that were sanctioned by the local SE CTR sanctioning body (SEDRA) and was also an IAHA regional championship. The IAHA does use the value of the pulse for points deduction. SEDRA does not. In SEDRA if the pulse is below the criteria - normally either 60 or 64 at exactly 10 minutes you are free to go. If it is high you have to stay 10 additional minutes - that additional time comes out of your hide. If it is still high - the vet looks at your horse.

It was very interesting to see the difference that makes in the way riders ride and present.



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RE: [SPAM] Re: [RC] [RC] newbie question re time limits in endurance v. ctr, heidi