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[RC] Glucose suppl - Ridecamp Guest

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Authors D vanHamont, CR Harvey, D Massicotte, R Frew, F Peronnet, NJ Rehrer
Title   Reduction in muscle glycogen and protein utilization with glucose 
feeding during exercise
Full source     International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise 
Metabolism, 2005, Vol 15, Iss 4, pp 350-365

Effects of feeding glucose on substrate metabolism during cycling were studied. 
Trained (60.0  1.9 mL(.)kg(-1.)min(-1)) males (N = 5) completed two 75 min, 80% 
VO2max trials: 125 g C-13-glucose (CHO); C-13-glucose tracer, 10 g (C). During 
warm-up (30 min 30% VO2max) 2 (.) 2 g C-13-glucose was given as bicarbonate 
pool primer. Breath samples and blood glucose were analyzed for C-13/ C-12 with 
IRMS. Protein, oxidation was estimated from urine and sweat urea. Indirect 
calorimetry (protein corrected) and C-13/ C-12 enrichment in expired CO2 and 
blood glucose allowed exogenous (G(exo)), endogenous(G(endo)), muscle 
(G(muscle)), and liver glucose oxidation calculations. During exercise (75 min) 
in CHO versus C (respectively): protein oxidation was lower (6.8  2.7, 18.8  
5.9 g; P = 0,01); G(endo) was reduced (71.2  3.8, 80.7  5.7%; P = 0.01); 
G(muscle) was reduced (55.3  6.1, 65.9  6.0%; P = 0.01) compensated by 
increased G(exo) (58.3  2.1, 3.87  0.85 g; P = 0.000002). Glucose ingestion 
during exercise can spare endogenous protein and carbohydrate, in fed cyclists, 
without glycogen depletion.

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