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Re: [RC] OT Wry tail - Update - Lani M Olson

First, thanks to those who took the time to respond on the list and privately. I forgot to mention I'd also had a chiro adjust her to no effect.
I just discovered dry, crusty flakes on the TIP of the tailbone. Her dock stays relaxed until I get to the last couple of inches, then she tries to clamp it to her or swishes angrily, like there's a bee on her flanks. I thoroughly washed the tail today with a medicated shampoo and rubbed the flaky stuff off carefully with a washrag (whenever she didn't yank it away), rinsed thoroughly and applied a tea tree conditioner to the tail. As I brushed it out, whenever the brush pulled on the underhairs that come out from the tip, she again yanked it away. Could part of the tail somehow have been broken and is itching because of healing? Any other suggestions? I obviously was looking for the cause in the wrong place, the top of the tail, because that was the only place she could rub. It's an hour later, tail is still high, still swishing hard. Help!