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Re: [RC] USA Gold Trail Blazer Reflections of Marloffstein part 4 - Tom Sites

Lee Wittle:  Chef D'Equipe.  Precise, knowledgeable and a joy to ride under his direction.  His goal to finish all riders and provide team orientation were given his best.
Robin Waldron:  Team Veterinarian.  There when questions needed to be answered and medical strategies needed to be discussed and analyzed.
Jeff Benjamin:  Farriar, his expertise gave us feelings of confidence that our wheels would keep turning.
# 40 Mike Marino riding Sun Walt, a District Attorney freshly elected who came to ride and did.
# 41 Tom Sites riding BayMar.  I was glad my son could share the joy.
#42 Viki Varley riding Miss Lexa.  Unfortunately didn't finish but gave it a real good shot.
#43 Jeannie Waldron rode Brombe or Cher Habu as the Europeans know her.  She gave us our credibility.
The Crew Members
Melody Booth-Coull:  She has paid her dues as a rider and crew member.  We were fortunate to have her along.
Paul Rodino knew his German and got us out of some binds.
Larry Lewis another distance rider from Kansas we were fortunate to have.  I, the most because he helped me. Thanks  Larry,  I'll never forget your enthusiam and support.
Michael Sites had the experience of a lifetime.  I was glad to share it with you, Michael.
Athale Evans: Vikis sister came from Hong Kong to assist half a world away..
Mark Varley:  Always a cheer and joy to be arround.  Ready to assist at all times.
Sue Riggs had a heart w/out limits and a spirit w/out bounds.
Curtis Hyatt showed up to help because he is an American living in Germany.  He knew the trail and brought friends.
The turquoise finger and silver handed lady-Thanks for the coffee and all your help and encouragement.  Your hands are a work of art.
Mike Robertson and friend-  We knew we were all right when the Special Forces showed up.  The USA was represented very well.  It was not just us 4 riders.  We had good support and dang good support. THANKS!!!
And where does Matthew Mackay-Smith fit in?  He was on the veterinary control and sharing his wide area of expertise w/ other cultures.  The President of AERC had to be impartial but we all knew where his allegiance lay.
 Last year in Rome at the World Championships, even tho we came in 1, 2, and 14 with a BC, we only got the Team Silver.  This year there were 8, 9, and 16 place finishers for the Team Gold.  There can't be any better example ever of a team win.  "To finish is to win" can never be said any clearer.
I was honored beyond any expectations I ever comprehended to be a part of this team.  It will always be one of my greatest honors in all of life to be associated with such a group of people who came back to America as the Champions of Europe.
Thanks Lee, Jeannie, Mike, Viki, Robin and all the support we received from the CREW.  We couldn't have done it without you.
Thank you.
tom sites