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RE: [RC] Biltmore vets - Jim Holland

I heard several people at the ride comment on this, and the vets were doing
a lot of exit CRI's, which is not a bad thing. The weather was very hot,
humid, with no breeze at Biltmore. The vets may have over reacted a little,
I think.  The pulse criteria was changed to 60 across the board at the
meeting, for 50's and 25's.  I'm not sure this is beneficial since it
changes the "relative" CRI values, but as long as you KNOW that, you can
ride accordingly. Don't be too critical here and as Barney pointed out, just
fill out a ride evaluation or stop by and talk with the RM before you leave.

My experience was kind of interesting. Magic and I did not finish, and I was
riding "turtle" all day. At the halfway point we were all A's with a great
CRI. Seventeen miles later at the 3rd check with 10 miles left, it was
miserably hot, Magic was very hot,(he has added some winter coat)our wash
water was warm, and he was slow to recover.  He was happy, very forward,
drinking from hoofprints and everything else and eating on the trail and in
camp. Since we were crewing right next to the P@R,I took all of the 30
minutes to let him stand quietly and eat. He did a nice trot out, got good
scores, and the CRI numbers were equal, but higher than I liked. Joan and I
had discussed pulling, or maybe staying longer at the hold...we had plenty
of time to do 10 miles. The vet was young, and obviously not experienced and
wanted to hold my card for a recheck, which was appropriate and fine with
me. I was certainly not in a hurry. THEN the vet said I didn't meet criteria
anyway, since "I didn't get through the vet check in 30 minutes because the
recheck added time and I had already used all of my 30 minutes". I
respectfully explained that this is not the rule and that you have to get
through P@R in 30 minutes, not the vet check, but the vet didn't want to
hear that and was adamant that I was wrong. Rather than argue and since I
have been having some medical problems myself lately, I just said "Thank you
for your help, Magic and I will just quit here." 

We can always use more vets, and confrontations are not constructive here. I
think the intentions were good.  Just discuss it with the RM and let's fix

Jim, Sun of Dimanche+, and Mahada Magic

Richard T. "Jim" Holland
Three Creeks Farm
175 Hells Hollow Drive
Blue Ridge, Ga 30513
(706) 258-2830
Callsign KI4BEN
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I second your thoughts 100% concerning the one vet we were subjected to. We
are relative newbies to seriously competing at endurance rides...took three
years get the horse prepared to do so. Anyway, we will definitely be calling
ahead on any future rides to make sure that we do not waste time, effort or
money to participate in any rides where this vet is practicing
"obstructionist" examinations. We observed what retrospectively appeared to
be his "vetchecks to influence outcomes" style the week before at another
ride. We were warned at that ride but were too naive to listen...could have
saved a lot of gas. Definitely disappointed but definitely wiser,



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[RC] Biltmore vets, Ridecamp Guest