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[RC] Endurance Driving! Yay, NEDA Lives! - Tina Rushing

I fondly recall some NEDA events in the Gold Country and Nevada many years
ago.   In addition to Cliff and Kathy Lewis I believe that Tom and Nadine
Bowling were often event organizers. What a fun group!  Especially memorable
were Tommy Lewis driving a prototype chariot with a very narrow wheelbase,
Chuck Dent in a race sulky behind a fiery chestnut horse, and... rats, I've
forgotten their names, a couple who manufactured driving rigs - their
business card said "Off Road Chariots", he drove a big black horse without
blinders.  There was a guy who drove... rats, I forget the term for 2
equines harnessed side by side... one was a horse with the most *tiny* ears
and the other a mule, his rig was made from the rear end of an old Cadillac,
license plate intact.  At one event a guy ran in a magnificent hand-made
wooden Amish cart but the cart was thrashed on the rough course.  He was a
real good sport about that.

Most folks used race sulkies but there were plenty of innovative home-built
rigs.  It was All fun.  Monster Garage for horse people.  I haven't heard
news of NEDA in a long time, it's good to know that they are still out there
having fun.

Tina Rushing
El Granada, CA

From: "Steph Teeter" <stephteeter@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: [RC]   Endurance Driving!

Idaho had it's first National Endurance Driving Association event here
(Oreana) this weekend. It was a small group from Nevada and some Boise
folks. I don't know much about the sport, or the organization, but they
seemed to really have fun. The group from Nevada has also been involved in
Endurance over the years (Cliff and Kathy Lewis). Their organization
recognizes the driving rigs, and also 'Outriders' - people that do the
course on horseback, pretty much the same as our LD rides, though the
veterinary control is less formal. They had a vet technician look at the
horses once during each day's course. They did a 21 mile course on Saturday,
and then 25 mile course Sunday. Fairly fast - these guys travel around 12-14
mph on average, course allowing. Small nimble 'chariots' - different styles
and construction - rubber tires, made for rough ground. The horses were
Arabians, Morgans - and one Belgian/Paint cross.


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