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[RC] rearing horse when saddling - Ed Kilpatrick

michele, it is quite possible that this is a habit that the horse developed due to pain/bad experience early on in his training. the original problem could have been because of the saddle,  but he may do this now just out of habit and not be in pain.   a good way to start over with "cinchyness" is to work with him on the ground by taking your lead rope and flipping it over his back, pull it under the belly and just hold it snug against him, rub it around a bit and just get him used to the feeling of something tightening around him.  do this in the cinch area, and also in the flank area.  take your time, be careful, and do lots of repititions. dont over-react even if he does.  you want him to learn to just stand still while you pull the rope back and forth and rub him with it. 
you said that you didnt know his history, but tell us what you do know.  how old is he?  thoroughbred?  arab?   high withers?  he might be a horse that was trained in three steps:  (1)  ear him down  (2) throw on a saddle (3)  buck him out
rule out pain, then work on the training issues.    cowboy ed