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[RC] Neglected Arab - Suzanne Boyd

I read ridecamp on archives so couldn't get your email to respond privately.
It sounds like she will need a couple hundred lbs. or so. Personally, I would try to add it with LOTS of good quality grass hay, beetpulp and a few lbs of a commercial grain mix. (a few lbs. per day, not each feeding) A source of fat such as corn oil is also a good idea. Have her teeth checked right away, as I will bet you dollars to doughnuts they are in bad shape. I'm sure she'll also need to be put on a good worming program. As far as what you can expect her to be able to do for you, well that is pretty much a crapshoot right now. Do you know anything about her past history? Just because she's aged doesn't mean she is kid-friendly, or even broke. I would feed her and love her all winter. Start some groundwork with her when she is in better condition. I would start with her as if she wasn't broke at all and let her tell you how fast you should progress. Be prepared to accept that all the time and money you have spent could be all for naught.(unless you wanted a pasture pet!)

Please email me for any more info. I'm certainly no expert, but I've pulled a few horses out of the meatpen in my day.
And bless you for seeing those eyes.


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