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RE: [RC] Pull Codes - heidi

RO-M and RO-L are almost totally invalid, since they are nothing more
than a guess at what might be wrong with a horse that a rider opts not
to continue with.  

Actually, in my experience, a rider has a pretty good idea (and often
the vet does too) about what is going on--it just wasn't bad enough for
the vet to pull the horse.  So I would have to submit that most times
they ARE valid--if the vets bother to communicate with the riders about

And, BTW, you are probably wrong about the RO-M for my horse that wasn't
having fun.  I THINK that she was that way because she had pulled her

Well, hey, as I said, you were the one riding the horse.  The RO-M came
from you--not from me.  I was just agreeing with you, since you were
the one on the horse.  And it is pretty tough to examine your horse
with you in the past tense over the internet...

All of this is moot.  

Well, yes, the internet discussion of a past pull is moot.  But I don't
think the subject is moot in real time with real horses.

Riders should be allowed to withdraw from the competition without having
to give a reason. 

And if there is no reason, then it is truly RO--or the W that you would
like to change it to.

And if pressed for a reason, they are completely
justified in making something up. :)  Because, the way it stands now,
people are making things up anyway...witness Heidi's willingness to make
something up for my horse that wasn't having fun. :)

kat, I didn't make anything up.  I made a joke, and I agreed that you as
the rider could make a valid assessment of your horse.  In real life, if
the horse is the problem, then while there may be some speculation at
times, there should be justafiable reasons why one lists a horse as
RO-L or RO-M.  If there are no reasons, then it truly is the rider's
option to pull.  Or withdraw.  Or whatever you want to call it.  No
need to live in fantasy-land--and no need to be dishonest about it.

As I said in my first post.  If the reason for not asking the horse to
go on were obvious (ie. the horse were lame or metabolically
compromised), then the vets would have pulled the horse.  It is only
where the reasons are not obvious that riders opt to withdraw their
horses anyway, and if the reason is not obvious, then any categorization
of it is going to be nothing more than SWAG.  

kat, it is entirely possible, and not all that uncommon, for the reason
to be perfectly obvious but not sufficiently serious for the vets to
pull the horse.  And in those cases, RO-L and RO-M are not SWAG in the



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