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RE: [RC] bosana boots and Epics - abigail Madden

Linda & Steph,
I have used the Bosana boots on pavement and trail.
The bottoms on mine have not gotten burnished.  They have just worn down a bit like my truck tires.  They are very "sticky", but also spongy, so its like Magic is wearing his own set of running shoes.  I have not had one come off or twist.  I have walked, trotted, & cantered on trail & pavement.  No problems, but they do need to get used to them.  They are tough.  I have trotted over gravel and walked through broken glass.  No problem, no damage to the boot or the horse.  (Before anyone flames me for the glass or pavement, these are worn by my police horse & endurance horse and the police horse MUST go through those conditions).
They do take practic getting on and off.  One thing that I found helps is to get both the hoof and boot wet.  Dunk the boots in a bucket of water and wet the hoof before putting them one.  Before removing them, just hose off (or have the horse dunk his hoof in a bucket).  The water makes the rubber boot slide over the hoof surface rather than "grab" at it when its dry.
Your horse needs to be shod for the Bosanas.  That's how they stay on.  The boot has a little "lip" to the rear that slips over the edge of the shoe.  Also, the rounder the hoof, the better the fit.
Hope this helps,
Chico, CA

Linda Cowles <healthyhoof@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I would think that a few miles on these boots would burnish the bottoms to
the point where they'd have as much slide as a natural hoof, which has
better traction than a shoe...

They are a very interesting boot... Was your friends horse shod, or was the
horse barefoot? I've been focusing on the EasyCare Epics but I may get a set
of these to try out if they'll stay on a bare hoof as well as the Epic does.


Linda Cowles
Certified Hoof Care Provider


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RE: [RC] bosana boots and Epics, Linda Cowles