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Re: [RC] Attention all ride managers- fee hike - rdcarrie

I'm confused as well.  On Sept. 11, Stagg posted the agenda for the BOD conference call for Sept. 13 (last night), but said that "items other than house keeping and time critical motions will be deferred until the October conference call."  I don't consider a fee increase a "time critical motion," and it's certainly not house keeping!!!
Also - regarding Steph's comments about 90% of the BOD's discussion of important issues occurring on the BOD's private email list...hmmm...wonder if Randy would care to comment?  Seems he recently claimed that this list was mostly about what restaurants to eat at, where to gather socially, etc., and thus couldn't possibly be of interest to us rank and file members...
Dawn in East Texas
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I am a bit perplexed at this also. For the past while we had been told no decisions had been made on fee increases, then today the Email hits that tells us there has been one. My question is which way is it - has there or has there not been a fee increase? 
Steph Teeter wrote: 
> > *Subject:* RE: [RC] Attention all ride managers- fee hike 

> *When was this decision made? And why was there no discussion with the > membership prior to the decision?* I don't recall seeing any notice in > the EN that the BoD was considering raising AERC's rider fees. Which > directors voted for this, and why? I hope this was a roll call vote, > as I truly want to know. AERC does not exist without rides, without > ride managers. I can think of many better places to raise the extra > funds that are apparently needed to keep the organization afloat, once > again. Just a few years ago AERC was rolling in extra funds, and half > the Board was proposing new ways to spend all this extra money. What > happened? The rides, the riders, the ride managers are the heart of > this sport. I would much rather see less money spent on the zillions > of awards given out at year's end, or the thousands spent on research > and trails grants, than ask more money from the people that define the > sport - the riders and ride managers. This is foolish. 
> > I have recommended in the past, and recommend again that the Board > consider a professional to assist in the area of spending and > budgeting. The AERC is a corporation with a sizeable yearly budget, > and to place the responsibility for managing the financial affairs of > the corporation in the hands of a non-professional elected volunteer > (treasurer) and expect a large Board comprised of volunteers to > understand the nuances of corporate finances well enough to make sound > d ecisions regarding the spending and budgeting of these funds is > ridiculous. 
> > Plus I once again ask this Board to stop conducting your business in a > vacuum. 90% of BoD discussion of important issues occurs on the > private BoD email list. During my time as a director I watched this > list (which seemed like a good idea when the 'net was new and > exciting) evolve into a powerful persuasive tool for some individuals, > and on several occasions was personally harrassed for trying to keep > the membership informed of some of the issues that were being > discussed and settled on this list. I have often questioned the ethics > and legalities of the BoD list, where even though votes are not cast, > many decisions are made. The general membership has no idea what it's > elected corporate directors are discussing on a daily basis! This is > OUR organization, you guys are supposed to be managing it responsibly, > and for the sake of the entire organization (including the rest of us > - the 5000+ people that support and fund the organization). Also the > monthly private telephone conference calls are marginally acceptable, > where discussions are made and votes are cast in private. 
> > Steph (mad) 
> > 
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FW: [RC] Attention all ride managers- fee hike, Steph Teeter
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