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[RC] [RC] Epics - DreamWeaver

My neighbor's horse has ripped the gator off the easyboot twice.....any idea on why this is happening?

You didn't give enough info to know when this is happening -- assuming that the boot you are talking about is an Easyboot Epic, with a gaiter attached and that it is somehow getting ripped off of the horse when it is going down the trail? If it's ripping off of the hind feet, then the boot is probably too large and/or not adjusted tight enough. That could be the case for the front ones too, or it could be that the horse is stepping onto the boot from behind and pulling it off.

First I would check the sizing of the boot. I like to use the smallest boot that I can get on, especially if the horse is not shod. Then you want to make sure the cable and buckle are snug, and the velcro around the gaiter is attached as snug as you can get it. If the horse is still interfering then fixing that could be as simple as letting the horse spend more time in the boots to get used to them, or as complicated as adjusting the horses trimming/shoeing/way of going so that he travels in such a way as to not do that. First you need to know exactly when and what is causing the gaiters to be ripped.

Chief (previously easyboot challenged horse) has done 29 rides this season in the Epics and has not ripped a single gaiter, or had a single boot come off. Anytime I've tried to foam on a regular easyboot on over his barefoot, they won't stay on. I am giving up on that and just sticking with the Epics only from now on, it's easier and I don't have to worry about the boots coming off and not knowing it.

If anybody is having rubbing problems with the gaiters, my website has photos and videos of how I wrap to prevent that: http://members.tripod.com/ridephotos/ We just did 5 days at Bryce without any rubbing. Which was really not a big deal since there weren't a lot of water crossings or mud. The rides that were a challenge were Schellbourne or Mt. Carmel or Color Country -- I figure if we got thru all of those without any rubbing then everything else is a walk in the park. if we can do it, so can everybody else! :)

in NV


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