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RE: [RC] [RC] horse/ mountain lion encounter - Faustina Duffy

And don't let people tell you that they don't happen in North Arkansas.  3 years ago I had a 3 week old filly attacked by what the vet was certain was an immature mountain lion (judging by the botched attack).  The filly required over 280 stitches, but she pulled through fine.  I doubt she ever grows to the proportions of her bigger brother and sister, though. 

I saw the remains of a fawn this summer that I would say was gotten by a lion, too-at least if the tracks (BIG paw prints with no claws showing) and the teeth marks on what was left of the leg bone were any indicator...

From: "Linda Cowles" <healthyhoof@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: RE: [RC] horse/ mountain lion encounter
Date: Sat, 27 Aug 2005 09:36:19 -0700

>>Since Eric didn't see this and reply yet....I believe Russian Ridge is up in the Midpenninsula Regional Parks system up near Skyline Dr. (top of the Coast Range) in the San Francisco Bay Area (also roughtly west of Palo Alto).  Many acres protected in great park land, rugged terrain, sparsely populated up there, so typical and suitable Mt. Lion territory.  For those of you who know the Swanton Ride, this would be an area ranging south-east of Pescadero Creek Park (Old Haul Rd.). 
>> In all my years growing up and riding in the penninsula hills, I caught a glimpse of a Mt. Lion just once...
I have a client in south west San Jose (2 miles up My Hamilton Road going towards Grant Ranch park) who regularly has mountain lions on her small 2 acre piece of land... very scary. The deer in the area are drawn to the houses by all of the vegetation, horse feed, water and shrubbery, so... the lions come in too.
She says that locals have complained, but nobody does anything.


Linda Cowles
Certified Hoof Care Provider


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RE: [RC] horse/ mountain lion encounter, Linda Cowles