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Re: [RC] Brenderup questions--Laney - Lynne Glazer

My rocket scientist buddy (and occasional endurance rider) tows with his Dodge Ram 3/4t and a 2 horse Brenderup. His firm analyzes rocket and aircraft failure for a living.

Here's something he said a while ago, the last time we talked about his trailer, he really likes it:

>>Still it's not for everyone, we may well not have bought one if we already
had the truck. We hauled with the Caravan for a few years. On the other hand
it's really nice to be able to hitch it to anything and go - not have to
worry about brakes [compatibility with truck braking systems-ed.]. For emergency purposes we have three tow vehicles, have
even towed a short distance with the Wrangler once.<<


On Aug 25, 2005, at 10:39 AM, Dawn Simas wrote:

Hi Laney,

I know you what you meant about the distances, etc, in the U.S. I agree. :) Good point about cheap gas too, compared to other countries.

I'm no physicist or engineer, so maybe someone can answer that first question better. But I can affirm that the difference from my Brenderups and my past American-made 2 horse and 3 horse trailers is huge in the sway department. There is no sway at all. Not even on a single lane, two way, highway at 65mph and a semi passes in the oncoming traffic only feet away from me. Can't even feel the trailer.

Regarding the lower profile... I assume they mean the floor? The trailer sits low, like a car, on car style wheels/tires.



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[RC] Brenderup questions--Laney, Dawn Simas