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Re: [RC] Brenderup trailers and 4Runner truck - Laney Humphrey

I wasn't implying anything about the safety of Brenderups! I still believe that in most parts of the US, we drive further and over more rigorous terrain than in many other parts of the world. That has been at least partly because our fuel prices have been so low. At least in the west, people think very little about driving 100s of miles to go to an event and that might include several mountain passes higher than almost all mountains in Europe.

I just went to the Brenderup website.  Can some physicist enlighten me.
This is from the website:
AERODYNAMICS: It is the vacuum which builds up behind the trailer, particularly at speeds over 44.6 mph,

which causes "OTHER TRAILERS" to sway in cross winds and when passed by high sided vehicles, the horses are

unbalanced and start to stress. You and your tow vehicle probably do the same! The constant drag of this vacuum

requires a big high torque powerful engine to pull the trailer out of its own vacuum. In attempting to minimize

the effects of this swaying, "OTHER TRAILERS" are built with a heavy tongue weight (500 to 750 lbs. pushing

down on the trailer hitch) to help stabilize the trailer. This in turn requires that the tow vehicle have a

heavy frame and long wheel-base (the distance between the front and rear axle) to support this weight.

BRENDERUP eliminates most of that vacuum by sloping in the rear of the trailer and exaggerating the roof

line. This removes much of the sway and therefore almost all of the stress on you and your horses. This lets

you safely achieve your desired trailering speed with less engine power and a lighter vehicle.

If that's the case, why haven't other trailer manufacturers also sloped the rear of their trailers? Brenderup also says

The bigger the horse the higher its center of gravity.

Only BRENDERUP REAL® TRAILERS accommodate this by lowering the trailer's center of gravity thereby improving

the trailer's roadworthiness.

From the pictures on the website, I can't see what has been "lowered."

Dawn Simas wrote:
<<Spend your money on a real towing vehicle for safety. Or consider getting a Brenderup trailer. They claim they can be safely towed by even sedans. >>

I have one, my Mom has one, two of my girlfriends have them....

They are not just an idea for small trucks here in the U.S. They have been around for many decades in other countries. Europe, Australia, Africa, Asia...all big horse cultures and none of them have Fords and Chevys...

Very safe indeed. :) Dawn


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[RC] Brenderup trailers and 4Runner truck, Dawn Simas