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[RC] light trucks for hauling... - Carol Suggs

Brakes are really important  and also is pulling power.
When we lived in the flat and hauled mostly in the flat we used an 1997 f150 extra cab v8 automatic 4wd short bed and it did ok to pull a two horse bp.  But climbing hills it would bog down a bit and even with the electronic brakes that we could manually adjust it really didn't properly suit the type of hauling that we ended up doing.
We switched to a Ford 1 ton extra cab long bed dsl 4wd stick (1999) and now have a gn exiss three horse and you don't even know its pulling the trailer...stopping, no problem.
If you have a light duty vehicle such as a toyota 4runner you might want to consider a lighter trailer or even the brenerup as some folks have suggested, but I really think it depends on your area (terrain) and  where you pull (terrain).  We have friends that pull with a Tacoma, and some that pull with Broncos and Escalades and they do just fine.  I think that one of the things to be mindful of is do you really want to pull a large, heavy bp with a lighter duty suv or truck...especially when going down a grade?  Again depends on set up, how heavy the trailer is and how light or heavy the towing vehicle is.
Haul your horses with the appropriate rig for your safety and the safety of others.  If you feel uncomfortable about your current set up, follow your gut and change it.