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[RC] Wildlife on Trail, Eagle - Carol Suggs

Marlene, it could be that the Eagle was ill or injured and could not fly...but that the cows only saw it as a threat, especially if there are calves around. (not that I have ever seen an eagle take down a calf!  But the cows don't rationalize that stuff) What a shame, I hope the bird makes it. 
Our cows are very protective of each other and rally around when one goes into labor.  Our older mama cows often babysit calves that are not theirs and if  a baby sends out a distress cry you should see a few of our older mamas come a running.
A few years ago we had to put down a cow who had a three month old calf and when my sister in law and I went in the brush to grab up the calf and haul it to the barn the calf was bawling and carrying on and you would not beleive the noise and speed that another older cow came towards us at.  I had to put my dog on her to insure that we didn't get hurt!