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[RC] Shore to Shore - Tracy Blue

I understand your frustration with elements of the ride. I, too, have experienced some of them.
But, I guess my outlook on endurance is that it is, just that....endurance.
I've been to numerous rides where the ride meetings are geared toward those that have been there and done the trail before. Where the trail is marked for those that more or less know their way. Where no one really knows the actual length of each leg of trail. And to some where if you're not part of 'usual suspects' no one takes the time to speak to you.
In any case, for me it's about the time with my horse and the experience of each new trail.
I get lost, find out info after the fact, and sometimes even curse the trail for difficulty or lack of water. But, in the end, after the most difficult, driest, most poorly marked trail, my sense of accomplishment and respect for my horse is overwhelming. It is, afterall, endurance.
Lucky, you and Romeo were an absolute blast to ride with. I envy you the smooth ride and respect the time and care  you took on the trail. Dani can't stop talking about your ears and your horse and the short time we rode together will be remembered always. Do, try and do that ride again. I will personally take you to the dinner and make sure you are aware of all the info.
As much as I can, anyway. And as for Bonnie.....wow, what a great person and crew. My  husband helped her find her way a couple times and she was so worried she'd miss  you and Bill, but never did.  You were lucky to have her!!

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