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[RC] CTR and Horsemanship - Brian & Sara Minsk

I am proud of the fact that I believe I am a good horsewoman. I worked hard to acquire the horsemanship skills I have learned.

Did I ever say that I couldn't learn anything about the conditioning, equipment, and strategy of distance riding? I think not. I always am learning something new and trying to acquire more information.

However, to imply that someone does not have good horsemanship because they do not start out in CTR riding is BS.

These are two different things we are talking about.

They are 1) Horsemanship and 2) Learning distance riding techniques and strategies. They are not necessarily the same thing.

I was in a great lesson program as a kid that practiced good horsemanship and followed pony club rules. I did 4-H with a wonderful horsewoman that taught us correctly.
I worked in top barns where great horsemanship was emphasized as I worked off lessons. I show at a high level of our sport. Lastly, I galloped and conditioned my thoroughbred to race. Now, I am trying to condition my young horse for endurance. I think I know a little something about good horsemanship. I may not know about the questions such as how much to feed at a ride, how to keep my sponge from flopping around, etc!!! LOL However, I consider that different from good horsemanship. Those things I need to learn whether I do CTR or Endurance.

I have had private e-mails that suggest CTR riders have better horsemanship. Maybe, maybe not.

However, why can't I start out in endurance and ride with people I respect who are great horsewomen?

I just am baffled that people seem to think endurance riders do not practice good horsemanship. Maybe I have not seen enough to know whether that statement is true or false. We shall see.

Chris, I am working on getting my young (age 5) horse to a ride. I backed her last year and we have been doing slower organized pleasure rides and training at home. The riders I ride with at the organized pleasure rides are super horsepeople who have been riding for over 20 years. They are great trail riders and go on extended multi-day trips and camping adventures too. They take good care of their horses. Just because they do not compete does not mean they don't know have good horsemanship skills. No, I haven't actually ridden at a ride yet. I think it takes time to get a young horse ready for distance riding and I am trying to build up her bone and get her experience on the trail alone and in company. I wonder if this is considered bad horsemanship??

Sorry! I am a little sassy today! Must be the caffeine!!! :-) :-) :-)

Ok. I'm done with my uneducated, two cents!!!!




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