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Re: [RC] horsemanship learning NEVER ends---was CTR Thumbs down - rides2far@xxxxxxxx

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there are organization that part of the score is

Ahh, but what are they giving an equitation score for? I know they hide in camo at times to see if you stand and lean forward going up a hill, but does anybody care if you're increadibly one sided so long as you touch all the little bases on their score card? Can your posture be horrible with your feet way out in front but so long as you do the obligatory stand and lean forward you get credit for good equitation? I just figured after riding with the judge I rode along with that they apparently didn't do show ring type equitation judging or somebody would have told her "physician, heal thyself!".

That said, her horses were very successful in the sport and probalby did not get sore backs or she wouldn't have been successful. Lawton Johnston stood in the stirrups for thousands of miles and did 10 OD100's while feeding cracked corn. Who's going to tell him he's wrong?

In general, my experience is that the changes that I have made to attempt to be more like a dressage rider have been improvements, but I can't deny the success of those who have other styles  I have noticed that at a ride I can predict which horses will have sore backs at the vet check pretty accurately and I'm not looking at the saddle when I make my guess. I think saddles take the blame for lots of poor equitation.