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Re: [RC] CTRs a thumbs down....I think - Brian & Sara Minsk

Yeah, Chris that IS what they say!!!! *grin*


On Aug 22, 2005, at 6:34 PM, Chris Paus wrote:

LOL, Ok.... ECTRA rules are a lot like MOTDRA, the organization I ride iwth. Also scoring the horse, but not the rider.
I still think CTR in any form is a good way to learn distance riding. I think people who learn CTR first usually do very very well at endurance! JMHO.

Carolyn Burgess <carolyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Sara was scribing at an ECTRA ride, I rode that same
ride and got to listen to her crab, crab, crab about
the vetting (Sara knows I love her so I can say this
about her :-), the nit picking and the time necessary
to vet both in and out. But what she doesn't know is
that ECTRA only scores the horse, not the rider! From
what I understand some organization score like a
judged pleasure ride, so equitation, tack, and rider
are also part of the scoring.

Carolyn Burgess

--- Chris Paus wrote:

> Where are you geographically, Sarah. Was this a
> NATRC ride?
> There are lots of varieties of CTR, depending on the
> sanctioning organization. Some are not very picky at
> all!
> chris
> Brian & Sara Minsk wrote:
> OK. Volunteered for my first CTR this weekend. I had
> volunteered at two
> endurance rides already. I'm a newbie that hasn't
> competed yet and have
> found that scribing has been a VERY educational
> experience for me!
> Well, the ride manager, judge, vet, other
> volunteers, and riders were
> all FANTASTIC!!!! A super nice group of people that
> I was glad to get
> a chance to meet!
> But..........
> I don't think CTRs are for me. The majority of posts
> I received to a
> previous inquiry about CTRs Verse Endurance LD
> seemed to favor me doing
> CTRs to start. Well, no thank you!!! I mean no
> offense when I say that
> I just don't think CTRs are for me. I show already
> and have enough nit
> picking, subjectivity, thank you very much! LOL
> It was a LOOOOOOOOOONG day! It seemed to take
> forever to go over all of
> the little cuts, bumps, no hair patches, etc!!! My
> hand started to
> cramp at one point! I had so many bump marks on one
> sheet that the
> horse (morgan) looked like an Appaloosa when I was
> done!!! Plus, not to
> mention ALL of the trot outs with circles. Gees!!!
> A very interesting thing was noted too. Almost 98%
> of the Arabians had
> small (miniscule) heat bumps while the cold blooded,
> thicker skinned
> breeds were clean. Well, all the morgan, draft
> cross, appaloosa types
> just shone in the final exam due to their thicker
> skin!! Most of the
> top horses were not Arabians and the winner was a
> draft cross! I saw a
> lot of very thick horses (muscular) with very trappy
> knee action just
> clean up!! I am thinking that they might have a hard
> time competing
> over more ground and at a faster pace. But, who
> knows! The horses that
> were dull to start and trotted crappy with their
> ears pinned back the
> whole time placed well too because they were still
> dull, trotting
> crappy, and with their ears pinned back at the end
> too!! Judging
> comment...No change!!!!!! *grin*
> Now, after having volunteered at both, I think I am
> definitely leaning
> toward Endurance!! As I said, I get enough
> subjectivity and nit picking
> with showing!
> Everyone says that I will learn good horsemanship by
> doing CTRs. Well,
> guess what!! I have good horsemanship now (thanks
> 4-H!!) so that
> argument is lame!!! I don't need to learn good
> horsemanship! I think
> I'm ok there!!! Believe it or not but people can
> acquire good
> horsemanship through other ways than riding CTRs
> (gasp)!!!!!! *grin*
> Plus, as I found out, if you ride a barefoot but
> booted horse (which I
> do) only one kind of boots are allowed.....easyboots
> without gaiters.
> Bummer. Those fall off so I use epics. Now what??
> I just found the whole process so tedious that I was
> exhausted at the
> end of the day and I wasn't even riding!! Can you
> say Caffeine,
> please!!! :-)
> I am in know way knocking the people that do CTRs. I
> think to each
> their own. I know that I am definitely leaning
> toward endurance. The
> riders and horses all seemed happy. Everyone had a
> great time!
> However, personally, I think I'll take endurance
> anyday!
> Happy riding,
> Sara
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I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship. Louisa May Alcott
Chris Paus
BayRab Acres http://pages.prodigy.net/paus
Lake Region SWA? http://lakeregionswa.fws1.com

Re: [RC] CTRs a thumbs down....I think, Chris Paus