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Re: [RC] Beet Pulp - Karla Watson

Make it drier. The soupy stuff you can work up to. Not too dry as to be unsafe but they seem to tolerate it better if its not too soupy--at first. Then mix in about 25% beet pulp with 75% of the goodies. Oats are always a good thing to add as they can't pick them out without eating some beet pulp. Slowly over time change the percentages to work up to mostly beet pulp. The beet pulp that is shredded is nice but won't do one of the important things you want it to do for ride--put some water in your horse. Beet pulp pellets soak up A LOT of water and that goes in your horse. Its nice to get them used to soaked beet pulp AT HOME so they will eat it at rides.
--------------Karla Watson/Portland, Oregon
I'm open to suggestions as to how to get my horse to eat beet pulp.    I made it real soupy and chopped up apples and carrots, then tried adding a little sweet grain mix.  He'll pick out the carrots and apples and push around the beet pulp.  It's not the fluid, because when my riding partner's young hourse refused his grain mix at a vet check, Tali slurped it up. 
Each time he refused to eat, I'd eventually carry his big flat pan out to the pasture where the other horses gathered around and shared the treat.  They thought he was nuts.  He eats and drinks  well at rides, in camp, on the trail, at the vet checks - just not beet pulp.
Nancy Sturm
Nancy Sturm
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[RC] Beet Pulp, Nancy Sturm