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Re: [RC] AHRA registration papers not recognized for export - warning! - SandyDSA

This situation is not new; in fact, over the years, WAHO and PAHA have been trying to strong arm AHRA into accepting into the fold horses of KNOWN impure blood, simply because some south american breeders/owners had bred a great number of them and had a vested (read, financial) interest in seeing these horses deemed "Purebred". Indeed, their legal complaint states that their presently registered part Arabians are not worth as much money as Purebreds. It is an outrage to me that anyone would feel that since they had a significant investment, regardless of the quality of their horses I believe they have some very nice horses!), that the rules should be changed to suit them. I am SO TIRED of people whining because everything they put their hands on has to suit them, they are special, they are the exception. The assumption that "in the past, horses of reportedly impure blood were allowed" into the PB registry is in my thinking mindset no good reason to go right ahead and include more. That would be the height of stupidity. Indeed, while there is question about the purity of some lines in the past, and in fact, some who say a couple of horses were PROVEN to be impure (and I don't know of any documentation that proves the validity of this one way or the other)it does not change the fact that to now include more not only is offensive to the PB horses of antiquity as well as the present, but then opens the Pandora's box as to now just where we draw the NEW line, the SKEWED line, the line that does not dare exclude, even when one does not fit, does not match the description.
Whether or not AHA TELLS one about this issue is another matter, and it would seem to me that there needs to be a "discussion" to this end. However, comma, in no way does an owner of PB Arabian horses, IMHO, make a better place for our breed by demanding that, to suit THEM, we change what has been the history of the Arabian horse since time immemorial.
In the end, the fault lies with the breeders who chose to sue AHRA in favor of their own wallets; also, PAHA and WAHO for unbelievably painting the rest of us who believe strongly in the purity of blood, as selfcentered, ignorant and "small-time". Frankly much more than the big breeders, the big trainers, the old money, the new money - more than ANY of those people, the Arabian owner, breeder, lover, the ones who respect the history, the purity and the integrity espoused by AHA, these are the defenders of the breed. If it costs more money to sell and export a horse, then one should not be blaming AHA, but put it where it belongs - a self-serving (and incidentally overstepping their CHARTERED BOUNDS) WAHO who blacklisted AHA and the rest of us who simply wanted to insure the purity of the breed that we are also invested so heavily in - with time and passion.
I was very surprised to find out that the well established Registry for Arabians, the AHRA, is not recognized abroad. Problem is they do not tell you that. When one asks AHRA for export papers, they take your money and issue you new export certificates which are worthless. See link to following article which describes the whole story.