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Re: [RC] [RC] Grain Storage Containers - Barbara McCrary - Barbara McCrary

Yes, the metal cans have tight lids; at least ours do.  We also keep dog food in one, as the coons will get THAT.  The plastic can was stored in our shop/tack room/hay storage building just 75 feet from our house.  We used to feed oat hay, and a bunch of wood rats moved in and proliferated.  After a couple of years or so, there were so many generations of wood rats living there, they didn't know there was any other kind of food. In the wild, they eat poison oak berries and I don't know what else.  When we finally reached the end of the oat hay supply, we found hay chaff, neatly cut into 3-4 inch lengths, stuffed into every nook and cranny in the building. The rats must have chopped up about 4 bales or so to make nests.  There were dozens of rats, running every which way.  I trapped 17, clobbered one with my gloved hands, and we poisoned the rest.  That was ugly, as we found dead and decomposing rats (stinky) here and there throughout the building later on.  We have been feeding alfalfa/grass hay for two or three years now and we have little, if any, rodent troubles.  Also, our barn cat, Chessie, seems to be on the job.  But mostly, the change in hay type solved the problem.  We aren't feeding much grain, only as a treat, and we have it stored in a large wooden bin that dates back to WW2. It came from a construction company and had been used to store parts.  It has several compartments, each one will take a 75# sack of feed. Lud secured metal strips along cracks and seams so that rodents couldn't get started chewing larger holes.  Wood rats can chew through lumber....they have chewed round holes in our barn floor.
Anything anyone would like to know about the care and feeding of wood rats, just ask!
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Sent: Saturday, January 15, 2005 10:28 PM
Subject: Re: [RC] [RC] Grain Storage Containers - Barbara McCrary

Oh my Barbara, Where in heck was the can stored? In a barn! Wow. I haven't had that happen yet. I know I do have to keep my lids tight on my can or a mouse will visit. Haven't seen a rat yet! Nasty things.
Do the metal cans hold the lids tight?

Re: [RC] [RC] Grain Storage Containers - Barbara McCrary, Denise LaBrake