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[RC] hoof question for barefooters - Chris Paus

OK, not to start a war here, but I need help deciding what to do.
I have a 5YO mare who has never been shod. I've ridden her on gravel roads ( they use big limestone rock here, not pea gravel), over miles and miles of rocky trail, etc., and she's never taken a bad step. My farrier who is NOT a barefoot advocate, said it would be a shame to put shoes on her, she has such good hoof walls.
So, I've planned her debut for distance riding in a little CTR next weekend. Only 15 miles. I know she can go longer, but I want to see what she'll do mentally more than physically. This is a ride with moderate hills, some rocks, flat type hidden in the grass. It's in the Kansas Flint Hills. Where I normally ride her is much rockier.
I had planned to take her as is to the ride. Well, my farrier came on Wednesday and trimmed her. She needed it. He usually leaves her soles alone and I'm sure that's one reason she moves so nicely, all that tough built up sole. Well, he pared some away. i wasn't even paying attention. He usually doesn't do that and I just didnt' watch him. I sure will now!
I rode her yesterday for about a half mile on gravel to get to an 80 acre field where we do some training. She was very ouchy on the road. Fine when we got to the field. That was two days post trim. I'm pretty ticked.
if you've read this far, my questions are these. Do I just leave her alone and not ride her til next weekend, not wanting to risk a stone bruise? Or do I ride her to toughen up her feet? Will her feet toughen up better in the pasture? Can we overcome this in a week? Or do I put EZ boots on her for the ride? (she's got very round feet and seems to hold the boots on OK).

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