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Re: [RC] [AERCMembersForum] Re: 100 mile rides - heidi

Frank, unless things have changed since we last dual-sanctioned a ride,
AERC did not have a steward...only FEI.  I think the various more
stringent rules, along with someone to make sure they aren't broken
(stewards) was/is part of the reason some of the AERC membership
did/does not like the influence of FEI in this country.  I know that
several years ago when I was on the board, there was a lot of balking
about becoming involved with FEI rules in AERC rides.  Quite likely the
opposition has changed a great deal since then.  I can understand why
some riders still don't like the FEI influence.  I had hoped that the
two entities could be kept completely separate, but it appears that
hasn't been the case.  Having stewards and stringent rules certainly
levels the playing field and attempts to keep things fair, but some
riders would still prefer the older, more relaxed way of conducting
rides.  In short, some riders aren't so competitive that they fuss if
someone appears to take advantage of the laxity of rules.  I would be
interested in others' thoughts on this.

Barbara, I don't see the FEI rules/officials as being so much in the way
of the relaxation as being there as a learning experience for the riders
who aspire to participate in FEI.  Most of the stuff doesn't even impinge
on the AERC riders--the weighing, the tack checks, etc.  But the USA has
been at a disadvantage in international competition because we DON'T go
through some of this rigamarole at AERC rides, so it is intimidating to
our riders once they get there.  Also, officials need to learn how to
officiate--and they need a training ground as well.

Some of the added things (the vet boxes, etc.) that apply to both groups
actually make the ride run MORE smoothly, if done properly, and I've heard
many AERC riders comment about how they appreciate the increased
efficiency at vet checks, because they can get through faster than they
can at many AERC rides.  If this is a problem at a given ride, don't blame
FEI--it is simply a management snafu, and needs to be worked out at a
management level.



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