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Re: [AERCMembersForum] RE: [RC] 100 mile rides - Truman Prevatt

At that ride I was crewing for Kathy. I was waiting for her to come in and went down to the gate. I started talking with someone. I walked aroung the fence and leaned against it to carry on the conversation - thinking nothing about it. Some "official" I'd never before came up and chewed out my butt for being in an area where crews weren't allowed. I thought that a bit rude - actually I thought it was very rude..

I guess I would not automatically disqualify a ride because it was FEI sanctioned. I've ridden a couple. However, there always seems to be the chance of distraction and potential conflict because of FEI. If I have a choice of two rides I would go to the regular old AERC sanctioned ride rather than one that is FEI sanctioned unless the FEI ride has something special to offer (like a specular trail).. I'm not against FEI rides, but since I have no interest in riding FEI - I have no interest in putting up with some of the distractions and aggravations that can arise.


Jim Holland wrote:

What I was referring to with "crew on the trail" was being able to meet your
rider before the vet check. My crew likes to walk down the road a couple of
100 yards with a bucket of water and maybe a handful of hay for my horse and
perhaps a gatoraid for me and we talk while walking back to camp. That "is"
on the trail. They also do that for me in the vet/P&R line, which also was
not allowed. My crew was also not allowed to trot out my horse. I like to
"watch" the trot-out....particularly with Sunny.


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RE: [AERCMembersForum] RE: [RC] 100 mile rides, Jim Holland