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Re: [RC] Short Strided in right hind - Marta Kozlowska

On 5/6/05, Laurie <laurie_ridgeway@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
The treatment would depend on why she's short striding.
Has she ever done it before?

i never noticed her stride being affected but i know that she's been
reluctant to stretch that leg out when trimming or picking it out. she
tends to tuck it under her tummy and holds it there for a while and
then slowly releases it but never as easily as the left.

Did you notice a difference when you were riding her? If not this may be the
way she travels.

i have not noticed it when we ride. except, now that i think about it,
it's harder for her to canter to the right - maybe that's the reason.

Some horses can become lazy and as a result they won't 'come through' with
their hind end, usually one leg, most noticable at a collected canter, but
also at a trot.

if that's the case, do i just focus on strengthening and stretching
exercises? we lost a lot of points for this. it's not just an esthetic
issue. what would you recommend for strengthening and stretching the
hind leg?
My first guest would be to check her stifle, although it could also have
been a rock or stone bruise.

i have a chiro coming out the first week of june. she was out about a
month ago and while she found her stiff through the right front
shoulder, she did not find anything wrong in the hind end. i'll ask
her to check that area again (she's also a vet). my vet checked her
hocks recently and said that they were nice and tight but he did not
look as high as the stifle.


god created women so his horses would survive

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