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[RC] safety and passing - Jonni

their personal needs for...success do not supercede the need for

Amen Sandy! Last year at Tevis, I was in the middle of a string of about 20
horses, all of us walking (and leading) down into one of the canyons. Narrow
trail, no where to pass. The riders were going as fast as safe for the
number of head and tail horses that had gathered, even jogging where
possible.  Coming from behind, a rider yells out  "I'd like to pass". Well,
she was probably sorry she spoke up after about half the group verbally got
on her about how many horses there were, safety, and she would just have to
wait. I'm not sure what she was thinking, as she has been on the trail
before, and should have known that was not going to happen. We were sure not
in a fast finish time group either. But, often a riders focus gets on the
competition, and not always on safety, where, really, safety to themselves,
and those around them should indeed be priority. Maybe next time that
happens, I'll just ask the rider who wants to pass "Does that really look
like it would be safe right now?"

And yes, I have come up on riders who will not get out of the way to be
passed, even when it is safe, and wide spots in the trail come up. That can
be very, very frustrating. I have a friend that tells them after asking nice
a couple times "If you don't let us pass at the next wide spot, we WILL come
past you anyway". Her authoritive voice usually has them pulling over at the
next opportunity.



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