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Re: [RC] WEC & International - Truman Prevatt

This is a great ideal, but I suspect a snowball has a better chance in
Hell than this coming to be. First, the FEI has decided that endurance
at the championship level is a race - the new COC requires a 12 km/hr
100 just to be eligible to ride in a championship ride. There are years
where only one or two (if any) people finish our historic 100's (OD,
Tevis, Big Horn, etc.) in that speed. The "to finish is to win" is not
an FEI concept - it is an AERC concept. In fact the few years ago the
FEI floated the ideal of stopping the race after the first 10 finished -
like NASCAR.

Second, puting on a WEC is a very expensive proposition. I sure would like to see WEC run on the OD trail, the Tevis trail or the BH Trial - but I'm not holding my breath.

To make it worse for whatever reason the "FEI officials" at our
co-sanctioned rides are harassing non-FEI riders about taking care of
their horses (feeding in the vet line) - while the FEI turns a blind eye
on a horse being ridden on drugs in the WEC. Something seems very wrong
with this pricture.


Dean A. Conti wrote:

Perhaps the best way to change the things that we (AERC membership) least like about the path of the current WEC format would be to host it here in the US soon. One of best the suggestions that have been posted, IMHO, would be a two day 100 or three day 150. One day full flat, one day mountains and a third mixed.


"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm
not sure about the former."  Albert Einstein


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