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[RC] re: FEI legal update WEC - Steph Teeter - KimFue

"Yes it's sad that a winning horse tested positive for drugs (assuming their
was no tampering - one of the valid reasons for the legal BS) but it's also
sad that an OC could make their own rules and drag the FEI officials along
with them. The whole event over there was pretty bizarre, so much money
being spread around..."
Actually, it is really sad that FEI officials, who are supposed to be "neutral", can be dragged along in something like this.  Isn't this one reason why FEI officials are selected from several different nations so things like this don't happen.
   Will there be an inquiry or hearing as to why there was this kind of break down TWO times concerning this rider at one event?  Will the host country (OC) be forced to take any responsibility for the way this was handled and how will FEI regulate how a host country conducts business.  Wasn't there some controversy with the organizing committee at the WEC just a few years ago?
It may be a case of rivalry between "two big guys" but I don't understand why the rest of the nations participating in FEI (including our own USEF)  aren't fuming and demanding an inquiry because their Endurance World Championship was used as a backdrop to "one up" a rival and is now the winner is tainted. 
We may never know if the PR earned his title or cheated by using a prohibitive substance.  BUT if FEI just sweeps this under the rug and those responsible for this double screw up at a World Championship are not forced to take responsibility for their actions the endurance community will really see the true colors of those running International endurance.
Kim Fuess