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Re: [RC] Draw Reins - Katrina O'Neal

Then you should tell those people that what they are doing is not only worthless, but counterproductive.

It isn't my opinion, but a statement of fact that to get a horse to come forward to the bit, it must be driven from behind by either the leg (a person on their back) or lunging. A hotwalker does neither, it just pulls. And it pulls on the head, so that's even worse. Plus any hotwalker I've ever seen raises the head somewhat, so that mean three strikes ~ you're out!

I cannot imagine one thing this method does that helps the horse learn anything. And tying off draw reins? Whether you are "for or against" drawreins, the fact remains they are designed to be a fluid tool, not static. In other words, the horse gets *immediate* relief from the slightest pressure. If you don't have some intelligent hands they can do all kinds of damage. So one can only imagine what no hands can do.


On May 3, 2005, at 5:12 AM, Opal Perry wrote:

Actually, I have seen plenty of folks that will "bit" a horse up and put them on a hot walked, including people doing that with draw reins.? I am not condoning it, just saying that it does happen.? You can put draw reins on and attach them to the surcingle or saddle, then loop them at top and tie them off, which I have done before when longeing.?

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Re: [RC] Draw Reins, Opal Perry