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RE: [RC] What to do with horses during storms - Magers, Cassandra

WOW!- The CTR in the flint hill was the first ride I ever did and I had my two kids in tow one their ponies.  People couldn't believe we ever came back for more.

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Well, I do have all my horses insured against acts of God. They all seem to like to hang out under the same tree in a storm, so if a bolt of lightning hit that tree, ugh, i don't even want to think about it!
The last tornadoes that were around here, the horses who were in barns fared the worst. The walls and debris collapsed on top of them. The ones who were out had cuts and scrapes, but survived.
I don't think there's any RIGHT answer for this. Depends on the tornado and how and where it hits, which is something no one can predict. Unless you can take the horse in the basement with you, there's no really good place for it.
I was doing a CTR in the Flint Hills of Kansas when a storm blew up. We were out on open prairie with lightning strking all around us and being on horses, we were the tallest things! Scary... even scarier as we headed back to camp, watchign funnel clouds dip out of the sky. The RM called the ride off at the halfway check. By the time we got ready to go home, the storm was over, the sky was blue and the weather perfect.

rides2far@xxxxxxxx wrote:

> Down here on the Gulf Coast where heavy storms and hurricanes are a
> way of > life, most everyone puts the horses out to pasture in a bad

OK, but a "Gulf Coast Storm" covers a huge area. What Jody's got to worry
about is a Tornado....which is so *specific*. :-) The odds of a lightning
stike hitting a horse are so much greater than a tornado hitting the barn
that I'd have to vote for the barn. Anyway, from what I recall...don't
buildings just sort of explode *outwards* in a tornado? I think I've
heard they sort of bulge then explode out. I've known several horses
killed by lightning. Anybody know a horse that got hit by a tornado while
in a stall? I'd worry more about a horse that had room to get up speed
and hurt himself.

I had a friend whose parents farm got hit by a tornado. She told me that
down the road there was an old barn and there was an ancient horse who
always stood in the hall of it and never seemed to move. When she went to
her parent's house after the tornado the horse was still standing there,
but the barn was totally gone. She said she wondered if he'd been
standing there when it happened and whether he'd noticed "something
missing lately". >g<



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