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Re: [RC] Concrete hoof - Marv Walker

Okay, folks, this comes under the heading of good idea gone horribly wrong. My corral was becoming a swamp whenever we have a little rain or snow (very little, we're in drought) so my husband decided to put in a couple loads of crushed asphalt, thinking it would pack down and be easy to clean out. Now my mares each have one hoof with what amounts to concrete packed into it, and so far we have not been able with hoof picks to remove it. HELP! Any ideas on getting this out of their feet without damage? Poor husband figures he's got to remove $300 worth of crushed asphalt, not to mention feeling bad about their hooves. Thank God they're not wearing shoes. Please post privately as this is fairly urgent and I'm on the digest. Thanks to anyone with any ideas!


I'm having great difficulty figuring out how this cannot be
removed from an unshod hoof.  Not denying what you said
or that you don't know what you are talking about, just that
it seems odd.

I would think that it can be hammered apart (within reason)
or pried out with a screw driver or some other leverage device.

I do know how flimsy most hoof picks are which is why I use
the mother of all hoof picks.  It will handle this type of thing
unless the clump is somehow hooked in a manner that I can't
even begin to forsee.  If that is the case, this pick will chip it
apart without blinking.


Marv "Superior." Walker

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[RC] Concrete hoof, Lani M Olson