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Re: [RC] be nice halter - Ericka Nelson

i agree.  i had a mare, NSH, and she would throw herself over when tied...so i thought i'd use a b-nice halter.  well, someone i respect and learned a lot from said..."don't ever use that again" and, well, i never did use it just because i knew she knew  better.  i sold that mare, too.  beautiful gait, fun to ride, but CRAZY!
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Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 11:25 AM
Subject: Re: [RC] be nice halter

Yes you are right. They are not for "beginners." But they are great for some horses. As wonderful as Natural Horsemanship techniques are, and I use them, some horses need a bit more convincing. This halter allows you to be "lighter" which is nice in the right hands. But I don't believe they gave it the right name. Be Nice?? Not really.
I have this mustang who does like to BOLT and there is nothing on this earth that will stop him from pulling me over. He knows Parelli ground work very well but when frightened, he will bolt. The Be Nice halter has helped a great deal. Mustangs are stronger than anything alive when they decide to leave--forget even trying to send them in a circle--they can take you down the street! Now we are back into a regular rope halter, progressing past this bolting issue and my shoulder muscles have finally healed. ;-)
Yes, please DON'T tie with one. Can you say OUCH!! But I do still want to trade with someone who has a bigger one. Please email me privately. (I'll pay your shipping!)
-------------Karla Watson/Oregon
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From: Pam Salem
Sent: Tuesday, April 12, 2005 8:26 AM
Subject: [RC] be nice halter

A 'be nice' halter can damage nerves at the poll if not properly used.  Never tie with one.  IMHO should only be used by an experienced person.

[RC] be nice halter, Pam Salem
Re: [RC] be nice halter, Karla Watson