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Re: [RC] Best First Hundred? - rides2far

Biltmore. You 're on private property so if you end up alone you don't
worry about running into freaks in the woods, super vets to monitor your
horse, and it's well marked after dark. They're always having a prom at
the restaraunt and it's really cool riding in the dark at 11 PM hearing
the music drift over the estate. Also, riding along the French Broad
river with the lights of the winery above you rates in the "magical"
catagory. Another nice thing is that all the awards are handed out at
breakfast the next morning so you don't feel like the fifty's had a ride
& party and all left while you were still on the trail. It's also nice
that there area always lots of entries so your chances of being left
alone are lower.


On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 19:42:59 EST RISTREE@xxxxxxx writes:
Am curious about the rides that 100 milers would consider the best 

Not necessarily the easiest (tho that might help!), but the ones 
that are 
"special" or appealing to horse and rider, or magical in some way.

I'm in the NE, so of course I'm leaning toward a ride in this neck 
of the 
woods, but rides in the MW or SE are not out of the question.

So let's hear it!

--Patti Stedman (NY)

The bigger they are, the farther you fall.


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