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[RC] moving up from CT to LD - Jonni

The big problem that I have is when we get to a ride, they are so excited
they want to run the whole time, and they do not relax into a moderate pace
early on.What are some things that others have done to help teach pacing?<<<

Starting them in Competitive Trail Rides (NATRC).  If I have a new one who I
think might get "race brain" from being passed a bunch by horses moving at
many different paces, I start them in NATRC. Once they get their brains
together, that they will go the pace *I* want, then it is much easier at an
endurance ride to keep them focused at what I want to do, not what they want
to do. I also like the 2 day format, asking the horse to go again a second
day. What they did not learn the first day, often clicks with them the
second day.

As someone else stated (Heidi maybe) so much of where to start a horse,
depends on the riders experience. Many experienced endurance riders can take
a horse new to the sport, on a 50 mile ride as their very first ride. (and
many prefer to do so) Riding the horse slow, using up the whole day can
teach a new horse SO much about how to take care of itself, pacing etc.  It
is much easier to ask for more speed on a horse later, than it is to ask one
to slow down that was allowed to go fast at early rides. Also, many
experienced riders like to take new horses to multi-day endurance rides,
where again, like many competitive rides, they horse is asked to go again,
and usually learn a bunch the second day, that did not sink in the first

Jonni in TX


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