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<<Solicitations on ridecamp>> Re: [RC] Cow Dog Adoption - John Teeter

Maybe I should just give up on this effort to keep solicitations off ridecamp?

Please send me (off list if you don't mind) your opinions concerning these kinds of messages. I'll keep being watchdog if most of you want not to see solicitations.

My POV -- if solicitations, "for sale" , "for free" , "I want" , etc. become prevalent, then our normal endurance oriented discussions will fade into the background.

It is the difference between a list which carries primarily announcements and solicitations and a list which carries primarily discussions.


(p.s. the classifieds area was set up to avoid this stuff on the main list. If you want to avoid payment for using the classifieds, simply choose to pay by check or moneyorder - we'll not chase you down to collect $5!!!)

At 08:58 AM 2/24/2004, Bobbi Richine wrote:
I have a 10-month-old registered Cow Dog neutered male for free adoption to
suitable home (farm or ranch). This is a wonderful puppy who needs human
affection. The adoptee must be capable of providing in-house accommodations
(no sleeping outside). The dog has all shots and is in excellent health and
has a wonderful temperament. Contact Bobbi Richine at bobbi@xxxxxxxx or call
303 681-3237 (Colorado).

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[RC] Cow Dog Adoption, Bobbi Richine