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Re: [RC] Qualifications for Mentors - Maggie Mieske

Excellent points.  A stallion that cannot be ridden next to another horse of ANY sex, stallion, mare or gelding has no business on the trail.  However, a well behaved stallion should not be asked to not drink out of the tub or to not pass a rider because that rider has a stallion phobia.  Have you figured out I ride a stallion?  :)  Most people don't know he is a stallion unless I tell them.  But there are always those few who become near hysterical when a stallion is near.  Quite honestly, the pet peeves you described should go for ANY horse on the trail, not just stallions.
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In a message dated 2/23/2004 1:56:20 PM Pacific Standard Time, bechack@xxxxxxx writes:
This is just a start.....Come on everyone....we all have a list of
"pet peeves" that someone has done to us out on trail....>>
Do not expect special treatment just becuase you are riding a stallion...that's my pet peeve.
I was at one ride where a stallion rider informed me my "mare" was upsetting her stallion by drinking out of the same water tub and thereby making his pulse high. My "mare" was a gelding minding his own business at the other end of the tub.
Another time at a NATRC ride a new rider on a stallion held up the whole trail becuase he couldn't ride next to another horse. It was a single track and caused a major jam.

Re: [RC] Qualifications for Mentors, Sundaez