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Re: [RC] Make it Happen - oddfarm

Well Panty Man, if Truman has faith that you can do a great job(otherwise I
don't think he would let you even attempt it) then I would like to offer
some to the pot as well. I will send a check today to SERA to be used for
your educational program. I don't want to see you get your wings clipped
before you even take off. I could even be available to take new riders on a
LD if I qualify. I know I can talk and ride (can we talk about YOU Howie?)
for 25 miles. Heck, I can even talk and RUN 25 miles but not everybody can
take my yakking for that long :)

I have said before, I don't think babysitting is the answer, but on the
other hand I strongly believe in the education part of our sport. And anyone
who questions the quality of this education, most certainly can join in as

Lisa Salas, Teh Odd fArm

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From: "Howard Bramhall" <howard9732@xxxxxxx>
To: <AERCMembersForum@xxxxxxxxxxxx>; <ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Monday, February 23, 2004 11:19 AM
Subject: [RC] Make it Happen

OK, looks like something might be happening with this mentor thing in the
Southeast and here's what we have so far:

Truman has agreed to let me give this a shot, via SERA.  Obviously, it
be a volunteer thing at first.  What we're planning on doing is to hold a
newbie clinic, in conjunction with the endurance ride, for any new riders,
and, then, make the 25 LD ride part of the clinic with these new riders
want to be a part of it.

We already have one scheduled for Oconee this coming June.  I will be
listing the other rides, as they come in, to give everyone as much notice
this as possible.

What I need is for any Ride Managers in the Southeast who might be
interested in this idea, to either contact me via email or telephone.  My
phone number is 1-386-677-3052, call anytime.

I'm quite serious about all of this and am more than willing to travel
anywhere in the Southeast for this to occur.  Something like this will
work if the Ride Managers want it, and, man, I hope you do.  I really do
believe the time for something like this is now.  It will only turn out
if we are willing to spend time and effort in making it happen.  I have
time and desire to do this and hope you guys will give me a shot.

I'm also looking for some experienced riders who are willing to do a 25,
like to talk and ride at the same time, and have a sane horse that can
a troop down the trail.  We have two vets who are on board, also, for they
will be part of the clinic.

As far as extra costs go I'm really trying to make it so it does not cost
anything extra.  I'm sure I'll find out otherwise when reality kicks in
for now, for the RM's, don't worry about that.  We'll work something out.
Money will not stop this from happening; the only thing that will stop it


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~  Bob Morris

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[RC] Make it Happen, Howard Bramhall