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RE: [RC] [RC] [RC] apples/oranges/UAE - Howard Bramhall

The thing is there really is no us, no them. Over the years I've come to feel that the FEI connection within AERC runs much deeper than any average AERC member realizes. They (FEI endurance) affect our sport much more than you think.

Many of our members are affiliated with selling good Arabian endurance proven horses to the FEI side of the coin. Quite a few of the AERC Board members participate in FEI activities, some as paid veterinarians, and are members of all the required organizations affiliated with FEI, etc. It's the way it is and has been like that for sometime.

FEI affects AERC much more than AERC affects FEI.

They are us; we are they (or is it "them?")

Don't think that they are as separate as the United States is from UAE geographically, politically, or culturally. The connection is much closer and runs deeper than you may realize.


From: "Catfish Daniels" <catfishdaniels@xxxxxxxxxxx>
To: tobytrot@xxxxxxxxx, ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: RE: [RC]   [RC] apples/oranges/UAE
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 14:53:43 -0800

That's a very interesting point. There indeed seem to be some very distinct differences between the three. I do, however, feel that as important as it is to separate these "organizations", it's only fair not to bunch the good guys up with the bad guys by doing so. What I mean by that is, I know some FEI riders personally, who made it their priority in life, their dedication, to be successful and to set enormous example for the rest of those aspiring to some day compete in FEI. These riders I am talking about, have done enormously well in FEI and aquired "world recognition" for their accomplishments. Most of the ones I'm talking about have indeed been successful with the same horses over and over again, for many miles and many years.

So, athough the FEI's primary goal and focus may not necessarely be on how many years someone uses one particular horse, one ought to focus on the many FEI riders that are indeed committed to their horse's welfare, and have taken the initiative to prove themselves and their horses over and over again.

With all the recent posts, I am not at all convinced that peaking a horse for one magical season only, is necessarely such a bad idea, providing the horse finishes its season healthy in relation to the sport.

From: terre <tobytrot@xxxxxxxxx>
To: ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [RC]   apples/oranges/UAE
Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004 10:34:38 -0800

One thought for your consideration:

It seems to me that there are 3 separate (but related) players here--AERC, FEI, and UAE--and we have a tendency to lump 2 out of the 3 together at different times during these discussions.

FEI's "job" is to identify the horse(s) that are the "best in the world" at any given particular event--the horse that can jump the highest, perform the best dressage test, or go 100 miles the fastest. They have no mandate or interest in 'historical' mileage, any more than they do in recruiting riders, education, or trail preservation. These are AERC's "jobs". AERC seeks to represent ALL endurance riders in America--regardless of distance, age, or goals--and going at any distance the fastest is only one of the goals we acknowledge.

Endurance is really a very 'new' FEI discipline. We all 'grew up' under AERC, are committed to its philosophy, and most of us do not aspire to "winning races" (at least as our primary goal--we have others). The biggest adjustment "we" have had to make to FEI (those that compete at this level), is accepting the rigid constraints of rules/dress codes/stabling--and the total lack of interest in career longevity of the horses, since this is an AERC "thing" and not an FEI "thing". (Note that in pretty much all other equestrian disciplines, it is EXPECTED that the horses will be trained to 'peak' for one or two events, and will have a short (5-6 year) competitive career. Most of them only go to one Olympics...they retire before the next one).

UAE, on the other hand, is newer to endurance than FEI. They "grew up" under FEI, where the total focus is on 'winning the one-day 100'. They have no background of 'a bunch of buddies meeting in a field somewhere to go for a ride'. They may, someday, become interested in 'historical mileage'--when they have a long enough history to record some! The day may also come (perhaps it already has) when they become interested in expanding the sport in UAE to include shorter distances and 'the common man'. But for now, their sole exposure has been to the high profile 100-mile race--and they have certainly perfected their approach to it.


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