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Re: [RC] teams - Elite

There is an informal team "Slow Poke" here in the southeast too...  A couple
years ago they had t-shirts made up with their team name on the front, and
on the back it said something like...   "Start out slow... and then taper


I love the idea of "teams".  Be it on a single ride or otherwise.

Anyone else?

We have our own informal team, Team Slow Poke.  We poke along and stay
together and have a grand old time!  We are LD riders who truly believe
"It's the journey, not the miles" and "To finish is to win".  Our team
consists of the riders, the faithful crew/helpers, and the ones who
stay behind to feed the rest of the critters on ride weekends.

Probably not the team kind of thing being discussed currently, but that
is the beauty of this sport- it's many different things to many
different people.

Team Slow Poke
Central CA

I don't think you have to join a gym or buy frilly outfits to get some
fitness.  A decent set of shoes and a 15 minute dismount here and there
will help.
~  Jon K. Linderman, Ph.D., FACSM, Assistant Professor of Health and Sport
Science, University of Dayton

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Arabians were bred for years primarily as a war horse and those
requirements are similar to what we do today with endurance riding. 
~  Homer Saferwiffle

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[RC] teams, Scott Johnson