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Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Weather - Laurie Durgin

Wait ,wait, I just spent 2 hours putting out 50 lbs grass seed and I FOUND 2 DANDAELIONS !! I kid you not .And some stupid purplie chickweed thing with white flowers on it. I have more weeds in my 4 year old 'virgin' pasture.From all the rotten hay I mulched it with I guess!!!
I am taking a short coffee break, then Rascal is getting a bath, it is 62 !!!. and HE IS UGLY. Think of a wooly shetland and I gave him a trace clip, but clipped his butt to his tail so I could watch his muscle tone.I let bridle path grow out.He rubbed off part of his forelock. Half is below his eyes , half about 4" shorter.His leg hair is about 4" inches long.
Sort of looks like Moe the three stooges, with hairy legs!!!
And to liven things up for them.I put a kite in the trees, gave them 2 cardboard boxes (without staples) and a 3 ft. length of hose.(Scout really needs to learn about hoses and bathes this year he will be 3.;0) . They had so much fun. Kept them interested all morning , now thay are all snozing on the ground by the round bale.
I just need not rest here too long, started my treadmill last week, getting back in shape, will sleep good tonight!!
Thank you Georgia for a few good days! Oh, yeah, may rain tomorrow :0( Laurie /rascal/Honey/Scout

From: rides2far@xxxxxxxx
To: ladurgin@xxxxxxx
CC: rainbow@xxxxxxxxxxx, ridecamp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Re: [RC]   [RC] Weather
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 15:53:31 GMT

Ya'll are all fooling yourself. Dafodils don't matter. Tree buds don't matter. It's not Spring till you're covered with shedding hair and trying to spit a few out of your mouth. It's gorgeous outside here today, and was yesterday. It means nothing and does me no good till the days get longer!


-- "Laurie Durgin" <ladurgin@xxxxxxx> wrote:
My grass is starting to green , course that is becasue it rains every 3 days
or so since Christmas!!! So MUd, MUD<MUD<

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