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Re: [RC] re: President's Cup - John Teeter

>  What ever happens to those horses?  I never see their names?  Are they all
> in dog food cans?  CC

As some do here. but seems like I saw lots of retirees hanging around over there. There's plenty of space, cost of feed/care isn't a problem. One fellow showed us a line of paddocks with retired campaigners, maybe 10 of them, and walking down the line, gave us pretty much a history of each horse - breeding and competition etc. -

They're association with the animal can certainly be as deep, or as shallow, as ours. We've had 100 years to break away from our day-to-day reliance upon horses as beasts of burden. they've had 40 years - there are bound to be differences.


(p.s. I think they change a lot of names, as was just being discussed on ridecamp:)
(pps. I did see that Nelson had a very good showing today.)

REAL endurance is sleeping in the tack compartment of your trailer w/the
door open, and your horse snorts/snots on your forehead every 30 min!
~ Heidi Sowards

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